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20 things about me😠😠😠😠😎
Thanks for the nomination
@ninomush & @mandisanduli
1. I love my sister and my grandmother.
2. Haven’t had a girlfriend since 2011
3. I hate beetroot
4. I like going out solo.
5. I used to write poetry.
6. I eat a lot when I’m stressed
7. I’m actually a domestic guy but these days I’m lazy
8. I’m a big kanye fan
9. I love Zoe Kravitz
10. I drink hunters but sometimes Chardonnay
11. I love my Gogo’s chakalaka
12. I actually can’t drive - uber errday
13. I complain a lot
14. I’m an atheist
15. Hate shopping for shoes! Hate sneakers!
16. Favorite movie is Django
17. I’m a Social media analyst
18. I love gyming
19. I get bored easily that’s why I can’t watch soccer
20. I actually read a lot! Favorite book is “Mastery by Robert Greene” My nominees is @oluwasbu, @bugzie90 & @nt_siluma via Instagram

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